01 / Product

Cross-border collection

  • Help Chinese merchants to do the FX and RMB disbursement
  • Support flexible business model and various FX solution
  • Maintain detailed transaction information for regulatory review
  • File reports to PBOC and SAFE

Value proposition

1.No limit—$50K per person per annum limit doesn't apply to trade-based transactions

2.More cost-effective—NO intermediary bank charges

3.More convenient—NO bank visits. NO document checklist. NO time-consuming approvals

4.Compliant—Lianlian is fully-licensed and the fund is protected by PBOC

02 / Product

RMB acquiring

  • Collect RMB and settle with foreign goods/service provider to facilitate cross-border
  • trade/international flights and accommodation booking/overseas tuition payment etc. Accessible through PC/Mobile/API
  • File reports to PBOC and SAFE

Value proposition

For overseas merchants:

1.White-label and customized solution with flexible brand presentation

2.Competitive rate to maximize commercial value

3.Considerable single payment limit as high as RMB500,000 to support almost all the payment needs

For consumers:

1.Direct debit from bank cards without registration and login for new users

2.Only verification code via SMS is needed for repeated payment

3.Multiple payment channels supported—express payment, personal e-banking and corporate e-banking